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Agile Certification Training

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  • Duration

    2 Days



Agile Certification Training

  • The Agile Certification credential is the one of most important industry-recognized international certification offered by iTechgurus. agile Project Management is a specific approach to project management that attempts to deal with projects that need to change quickly and address change effectively. Agile is an approach that helps shift the focus from writing about requirements to talking about them.

    The Agile manager encourages a team approach to projects. This process allows the project scope to change rapidly and frequently, by placing emphasis on stakeholder involvement and communications. Software development projects and start‐up companies commonly use the Agile method of project management.

    The 2‐day session teaches Agile practitioners to explore what it takes to successfully apply Agile methods to their teams, projects and programs. The materials are designed to cover all of the areas needed to successfully pass the PMI‐ACP® exam. Attendees will learn the concepts and practices they can take to their teams and organization to make a difference immediately.

    Participants will learn how to lead development teams toward Agile by creating and managing a product vision and product backlogs, planning releases and sprints, monitoring progress and conducting retrospectives.

    PMP Course Outcomes and Benefits –

    • 2-days of Instructor-Led classroom training.
    • Instructors who are highly‐trained, Experienced and have real‐world experience
    • 21 hours contact hours/ PDUs which meet the requirements to apply for the Agile exam
    • Sample practice questions and mock exams
    • Valuable exam‐taking tips and techniques
    • Access to our blog and forums for training insights
    • Support in filing the Agile exam application form
    • Receipt of completion/participation certificate from ITechGurus
    • Attend Flexible batch and Knowledge Refreshing Sessions for next 1 year
    • Learn the 10 Tools and Techniques and 43 Knowledge and Skills areas needed to pass the Agile Exam!
    • Learn Real World Agile techniques used successfully by real teams!
    • Walk through the entire Agile Development Lifecycle end to end using a practical real world project.
    • Learn real world techniques for planning, estimating and prioritizing requirements in an Agile way.
    • Learn how to build self-organizing high performing teams.
    • Learn how to engage your business customers and delight them through early and frequent delivery of value.
    • Improve requirements gathering through collaborative brainstorming, breaking down EPICs and defining acceptance tests.
    • Learn how to create simple yet powerful visible Agile tracking reports.
    • Get tips on advanced topics such as scaling Agile to large projects, distributed teams and lean portfolio management.
    • Learn the entire Agile Lifecycle with real-world practical techniques!
    • Covers the key PMI® Learning Objectives needed to pass the PMI-ACP® certification exam.
    • 100% trainer’s guidance until clearing the exam.
    • Designed with 60% interactive group workshops!
    • Designed to walk you through the Agile Lifecycle activities end to end.
    • Uses a Real World end to end example Software and Non Software project to maximum learning!
    • You walk away with valuable course material, handouts and cheat sheets to support you on your projects.
    • The knowledge of both agile and waterfall practices gives you greater breadth and depth as a project manager.
    • Understand, select and apply agile principles and practices as a project management approach based on the needs and demands of a specific project.
    • Enhance your level of professionalism in agile practices of project management.
    • Build capacity to lead basic teams using agile principles and practices.
    • Increase your professional versatility in project management tools and techniques and thus helps in career advancement.
    • Prepares you to take the Agile examination with confidence
  • An overview of PMI-ACP® course and certification

    Knowing PMI®
    Certification eligibility and requirements
    Examination process
    Exam pattern

    An overview of Agile
    Agile vs Waterfall
    Why Agile works
    Exercise – Agile Ball Game – An exercise to get a taste of Agile
    Agile Framework

    Other Agile approaches (Other than Scrum)

    XP ( eXtreme Programming)
    Exercise – Requirement game

    Doing Agile

    Ceremonies {daily stand up, retro etc …}
    Exercise – Ceremonies in action
    Artifacts {Backlog, burn up charts …}
    Exercise – Artifacts in action
    Structure (timebox iterations, release etc …)
    Structure – Ceremonies in action
    Practices {continuous integration, automated testing etc …}
    Exercise – Practices in action
    Agile Practices (story card, estimation, prioritization etc …)
    Exercise – Stories creation, estimation in action
    Tools & Techniques {Information radiator, Jira etc ..}
    Exercise – Stories creation, estimation in action

    Being Agile

    Communication in Agile
    Roles in Agile
    Stakeholder management
    Soft skills
    High Performance Team
    Continuous Improvement
    Exercise – A test of being agile

    Putting it all together
    Agile adoption
    A day in life of doing and bring Agile (project simulation)
    Getting Started with Agile journey
    Exam preparation and QA time

    For a complete list of topics covered, please see the Examination Content Outline” of the PMI-ACP®. http://www.pmi.org/Certification/~/media/Files/PDF/Agile/PMI_Agile_Certification_Content_Outline.ashx
    In addition to basic education requirements, and Agile project experience to be eligible for ACP certification, one required to have 21 hours of Agile training ( see complete requirements below). This 2 day training fulfills 21 hours of training requirements. This training not only covers all the topics listed under the “Examination Content Outline” of the PMI-ACP® curriculum, this training also give you real life experience by participating in exercises designed to simulate real world scenarios. During the training, attendees will also get experience in answering test questions.

    The instructor will also available to answer questions after the training to help them with taking the test and more importantly to answer questions they may have when they practice Agile principles and practices in their real life.

    Professional Responsibility
    • Professional Responsibility

    Review & Final Evaluation Test
    • Structured Concentrated Review of all Chapters
    •Final Test Questions
    • End of Course Questions/Next Steps
    • PMI Application Assistance

  • PMP®, Project Managers, Product Owners, Program Managers, Technical Architects, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Developers, QA/Testers, IT Leaders, Project Stakeholders, and other Team Members.

    In general, practitioners who are seeking to: Understand Agile principles, Agile practices, Agile tools and techniques.

    Not only project management professionals or the skilled practitioners are invited but those who are working on agile methodology, or are looking forward to join the industry are also most welcomed to attend the workshop.

  • General Project Experience Agile Project Experience Training in Agile Practices
    2,000 hours working on project teams. 1500 hours working on agile project teams or with agile methodologies. These hours are in addition to the 2,000 hours required in “general project experience”. These hours must be earned within the last 3 years. 21 contact hours (ITechGurus Preparation Program).


    How will I be assessed For Examination?

    Applicants will need to complete the following steps to apply for the PMI ACP Exam:

    Register with PMI and log into your account after registration.
    • Apply for PMI Membership and complete the online application form.
    • Submit the application online.
    • Upon acceptance, you will need to schedule your examination.

    The Exam:

    The exam is a multiple choice, also computer based examination. The exam consists of 100 questions, and it takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

    Latest PMP Exam task Updates:

    PMI Recently Update ACP Exam Task in 2015