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In the Past Decade, Python and R programming become most preferred languages for Data Science and considered as more powerful and flexible platforms for building Machine Learning systems with Subject Matter Codes and Algorithms. Python and R Programming with Machine Learning is designed to provide in depth knowledge on building Machine Learning algorithms

Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer science, which create machines to think and learn like a humans using multiple programs and algorithms. IT performs any Intellectually task with collection of Information or Datas.

Machine Learning? 

Machine Learning is a In-dept knowledge of Artificial Intelligence to be focus on design and to development a software coding and algorithms that learn, identify and calculate the patterns that exist in data provided as input. Artificial intelligence is the catalyst for IR 4.0. This innovation will set an additional or a new approach of governing and managing organizations. Machine learning techniques enable us to automatically extract features from data so as to solve predictive tasks, such as speech recognition, object recognition, machine translation, question-answering, anomaly detection, medical diagnosis and prognosis, automatic algorithm configuration, personalisation, robot control, time series forecasting, and much more. Learning systems adapt so that they can solve new tasks, related to previously encountered tasks, more efficiently.

Machine Learning is defined as a practice of using the suitable algorithms to utilize the data for learning and predict the future trend for a particular area. Machine learning software contains the statistical and predictive analysis that used to recognize the patterns and find the hidden insights based on perceived data. The best examples of machine learning application is Virtual assistant devices like for example: Amazon’s Aleza, Google Assistance, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and social platforms like Facebook works on Machine learning principles and predict or respond as per the past behavior of the users to suggest them the most suitable things.

Both data science and machine learning as a service has its own use and important into various fields but both are based on data that can be gathered, analyzed and applied into predicting certain answers in a specific filed. Data science is simply related with data gathering and analysis while machine learning datasets are the process of feeding data sets for training the machines with the help of certain algorithms as per the requirements.

Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms: To make predictions, we use this machine learning algorithm. Further, this algorithm searches for patterns within the value labels that was assigned to data points.
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms: No labels are associated with data points. Also, these machine learning algorithms organize the data into a group of clusters. Moreover, it needs to describe its structure. Also, to make complex data look simple and organized for analysis.
  • Reinforcement Machine Learning Algorithms – We use these algorithms to choose an action. Also, we can see that it is based on each data point. Moreover, after some time the algorithm changes its strategy to learn better. Also, achieve the best reward.

AI-ML Course Outcomes and Benefits

  • Have a good understanding and challenges of machine learning: data, model selection, model complexity, etc
  • Using PYTHON Programming, Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Study Materials and workbooks
  • 3 Months Live Projects with Placement
  • Professional Responsibilities and ethics
  • Increase your opportunities for career advancement and for increased earnings


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