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This course aims to provide skills and knowledge which will allow the attendee to Learn MS Excel tools, Techniques and create lookup functions, set Excel working options, enhance charts, protect worksheet data, perform advanced data operations using summarising, PivotTables, data consolidations, goal seeking, and Solver, and create and use macros.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft and it can be using in different Operating systems like Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android and etc... Excel tool is used for calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming and data visualization. Microsoft excel is a familiar and most recommended tool for all industries from technical to management level.

Microsoft Excel helps companies maximise the value of their data, helping to control costs more effectively and obtain business information.

Microsoft Excel Advantages

Easy data entry and operations: One of the main advantages of MS excel is that it facilitates smooth and easy data entry. Compared to any other data entry and analyzing tools, MS Excel offers features like Ribbon interface, a set of commands used to perform certain operations. Ribbon consist of many tabs, which again consist of many command groups and their buttons. You can select the commands by clicking the related button and perform operations very easily.

Accurate comparisons and analysis options: MS Excel provides many analytical tools for the accurate analysis and comparison of large amounts of data. The advanced sorting and filtering techniques allows you to sort out large amount of data so that it will be easier for you to find out the required information. Also, filtering removes unwanted or repeated data and helps to save time and effort.

Allows graphical representation of data: MS Excel allows you to create the visual representation of data and information. The data can be visually displayed in the form of bar charts, column charts and graphs. It automatically revises the charts and graphs, once the data gets modified. Tables help to classify different entities according to their characteristics and features.

Compatible with other business applications: Since the recent versions of MS Excel is compatible with many other business applications like MS office, other web applications etc., it allows you to import excel data to other applications. Also, the cloud computing facility helps to update and upload your excel document from all locations, which can be accessed later through various devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.

Ready to use formulas: MS Excel performs all mathematical and logical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, average, sum, mod, product etc. Excel provides many formulas that helps you to solve both simple and complex calculations.

Course Outcomes

Upon completing this course, attendees will be able to:

  • use a range of lookup and reference functions
  • modify Excel options
  • customise the formatting of charts in Excel
  • create and use labels and names in a workbook
  • protect data in worksheets and workbooks
  • create summaries in your spreadsheets using subtotals
  • use data linking to create more efficient workbooks
  • use the Data Consolidation feature to combine data from several workbooks into one
  • understand and create simple PivotTable reports
  • construct and operate PivotTables using some of the more advanced techniques
  • create and edit a PivotChart
  • use goal seeking to determine the values required to reach a desired result
  • group cells and use outlines to manipulate the worksheet
  • use Solver to solve more complex and intricate problems
  • create recorded macros in Excel
  • use the macro recorder to create a variety of macros

Course Agenda

Inroduction to Excel

  • Basics of MS Exel

Lookup Functions

  • Understanding Data Lookup Functions
  • Using CHOOSE
  • Using VLOOKUP
  • Using VLOOKUP For Exact Matches
  • Using HLOOKUP
  • Using INDEX
  • Using MATCH
  • Understanding Reference Functions
  • Using ROW And ROWS
  • Using ADDRESS
  • Using INDIRECT
  • Using OFFSET

Setting Excel Options

  • Understanding Excel Options
  • Personalising Excel
  • Setting The Default Font
  • Setting Formula Options
  • Understanding Save Options
  • Setting Save Options
  • Setting The Default File Location
  • Setting Advanced Options

Chart Object Formatting

  • Understanding Chart Object Formatting
  • Selecting Chart Elements
  • Using Shape Styles To Format Objects
  • Changing Column Colour
  • Changing Pie Slice Colour
  • Changing Bar Colours
  • Changing Chart Line Colours
  • Using Shape Effects

Labels And Names

  • Understanding Labels And Names
  • Creating Names Using Text Labels
  • Using Names In New Formulas
  • Applying Names To Existing Formulas
  • Creating Names Using The Name Box
  • Using Names To Select Ranges
  • Pasting Names Into Formulas
  • Creating Names For Constants
  • Creating Names From A Selection
  • Scoping Names To The Worksheet
  • Using The Name Manager
  • Documenting Range Names

Protecting Data

  • Understanding Data Protection
  • Providing Total Access To Cells
  • Protecting A Worksheet
  • Working With A Protected Worksheet
  • Disabling Worksheet Protection
  • Providing Restricted Access To Cells
  • Password Protecting A Workbook
  • Opening A Password Protected Workbook
  • Removing A Password From A Workbook

Summarising And Subtotalling

  • Creating Subtotals
  • Using A Subtotalled Worksheet
  • Creating Nested Subtotals
  • Copying Subtotals
  • Using Subtotals With AutoFilter
  • Creating Relative Names For Subtotals
  • Using Relative Names For Subtotals

Data Linking

  • Understanding Data Linking
  • Linking Between Worksheets
  • Linking Between Workbooks
  • Updating Links Between Workbooks

Data Consolidation

  • Understanding Data Consolidation
  • Consolidating With Identical Layouts
  • Creating An Outlined Consolidation
  • Consolidating With Different Layouts

Pivot Tables

  • Understanding Pivot Tables
  • Creating A PivotTable Shell
  • Dropping Fields Into A PivotTable
  • Filtering A PivotTable Report
  • Clearing A Report Filter
  • Switching PivotTable Labels
  • Formatting A PivotTable Report
  • Understanding Slicers
  • Creating Slicers

PivotTable Techniques

  • Using Compound Fields
  • Counting In A PivotTable Report
  • Formatting PivotTable Report Values
  • Working With PivotTable Grand Totals
  • Working With PivotTable Subtotals
  • Finding The Percentage Of Total
  • Finding The Difference From
  • Grouping In PivotTable Reports
  • Creating Running Totals
  • Creating Calculated Fields
  • Providing Custom Names
  • Creating Calculated Items
  • PivotTable Options
  • Sorting In A PivotTable


  • Creating A PivotChart Shell
  • Dragging Fields For The PivotChart
  • Changing The PivotChart Type
  • Using The PivotChart Filter Field Buttons
  • Moving PivotCharts To Chart Sheets

Goal Seeking

  • Understanding Goal Seek Components
  • Using Goal Seek

Grouping And Outlining

  • Understanding Grouping And Outlining
  • Creating An Automatic Outline
  • Working With An Outline
  • Creating A Manual Group
  • Grouping By Columns


  • Understanding How Solver Works
  • Installing The Solver Add-In
  • Setting Solver Parameters
  • Adding Solver Constraints
  • Performing The Solver Operation
  • Running Solver Reports

Recorded Macros

  • Understanding Excel Macros
  • Setting Macro Security
  • Saving A Document As Macro Enabled
  • Recording A Simple Macro
  • Running A Recorded Macro
  • Relative Cell References
  • Running A Macro With Relative References
  • Viewing A Macro
  • Editing A Macro
  • Assigning A Macro To The Toolbar
  • Running A Macro From The Toolbar
  • Assigning A Macro To The Ribbon
  • Assigning A Keyboard Shortcut To A Macro
  • Deleting A Macro
  • Copying A Macro

Recorder Workshop

  • Preparing Data For An Application
  • Recording A Summation Macro
  • Recording Consolidations
  • Recording Divisional Macros
  • Testing Macros
  • Creating Objects To Run Macros
  • Assigning A Macro To An Object

Training Schedule

(MSE®) MicroSoft Excel Training Classroom Training MAR 28, 29 & April 04 2020 (Weekends Class) Weekends Class - 09 AM - 6 PM Chennai 6000 + Tax Enroll
(CDS®) Certified DataScientist Training Classroom Training MAR 28, 29 & April 04 2020 (Weekends Class) Weekends Class - 09 AM - 6 PM Bangalore 6000 + Tax Enroll
(CDS®) Certified DataScientist Training Classroom Training MAR 28, 29 & April 04 2020 (Weekends Class) Weekends Class - 09 AM - 6 PM Pune 6000 + Tax Enroll
(CDS®) Certified DataScientist Training Classroom Training MAR 28, 29 & April 04 2020 (Weekends Class) Weekends Class - 09 AM - 6 PM Hyderabad 6000 + Tax Enroll

Who can Learn

Graduates who want to learn MicroSoft Excel from Basics to Advance level

  • This course is designed for users who need to use some of the more advanced features of Microsoft Excel 2010.


Qualification Experience
Any Not Mandatory

Faq (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is this Classroom training?

Yes, its 3 days classroom program

Is this Practical training?

Yes, This is Theoritical with Practical training.

Why this Course?

This training program of ITechGurus help you lean basics to advanced level of Microsoft Excel tools, techniques and formulas.

Can i attend the program after 3 days class for refreshment? 

for Refreshment, You can able to attend any sessions after completion of training through classroom and online.

Am i eligible after Higher Secondary Schooling?

Off-course, You can take this training after Higher Secondary

Can school students take this course?


What are the courses offered® by ITechGurus?

ITechGurus offers various courses like Agile®, PMP®, CAPM®, PgMP®, RMP®, SixSigma, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Scrum and etc,,

Can i take microsoft certification after course?

Yes, We will help you to take certification exam.

Can I approach Corporate with ITechGurus

You can get the customized quote for your Needs of Corporate training.

Do I get a copy of the course certificate by post or by email? 

We issue certificate soft copy by email at the end of the session.

Where can I find a list of upcoming workshops? 

You can visit our Training/Events section in the homepage for various courses and you will be able to view the training schedules.

Whom do I contact in case of any query regarding any of the Training? 

For any course-related information, please email at or connect with us through live chat, or Direct Phone (9566008068).

I want ITechGurus to conduct training at our company’s / Onsite. Whom should I contact? 

Please contact our Training and Development team, to get addressed of the corporate training.

How should I make the payment and what are the modes of payment available? Do I get a receipt or confirmation for the same? 

Payments can be made using any of the following options and receipt of the same will be issued to the aspirants via email.

Mode of Payments:

  • Credit card / Debit card / internet banking (Online Payment)
  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer (ACH)
  • Check

DO you Share Trainer Details with Candidates? 

Yes, Off Course, You Can Interact trainer after Enrollment (or) you can get trainer profile before enrolment.


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Ruban Christopher
Application Development Manager in ITC Infotech

Successfully completed my PMP Certification exam. Thank you very much Prasanth, Manick and Mouli sir.

Nilesh Yadwad
Manager at Accenture

Thanks a lot Prasanth, Yesterday PMP exam cleared. 


Mary Flouria Goldy Subramoniam
Project Manager at DXC Technologies

Finally Prasanth with all your support cleared PMP.. tried calling you unable to reach you. 

Trainers and Consultants

Manickavel Arumugam

Manickavel Arumugam

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Chandramouli S

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Shriram Kumar

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Mohamed Noordeen

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