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About Us

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Everything you need to know

ITECHGURUS is a professional Coaching, development and training solution provider for Project-driven organizations. We cater to the development needs of a wide range of industries including Government, Banking and Financial Services, IT, Telecom, Healthcare/Parma, Construction, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing.

We believe in a consultative and partnership approach through our highly experienced program me and project managers engaging with clients to provide assessment solutions, targeted effective best-practice based training and development, and consultancy support to improve the capabilities of staff and organizations to deliver successful projects.

Our expertise on project management competence, training, qualifications and methods is recognized through the advice given to our clients and industry bodies.


Independent Project Management Training and Consulting Provider

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Our Corporate Approach

At ITECHGURUS, we act as independent consultants, and a Globally Authorized Training solutions provider for all organizations includes public, private and governments. We have developed a team of carefully chosen trainers/consultants mostly from the U.S.A all at the top level of leadership and coaching covering all industries and countries.
We have also partnered and accredited with international providers and developed solutions that are fundamental to achieving organizational goals and career objectives for each individual. We would provide certain number of services to the customers, they are

  • Identify the company’s culture and put a strategic action plan to reach and set goals.
  • Develop a training material, and or deliver it.
  • Get our training material accredited from respective bodies.
  • Get our trainers accredited to deliver certified training programme’s.
  • Develop learning/training platforms in a customized manner.
  • Implement pre-training and post-training assessment methods.

Why Choose Us For Your Training Needs?

  • Internationally recognized qualifications, fully accredited courses.
  • Experienced and certified instructors with years of professional experience.
  • Cost effective courses provided to individual.
  • Post – Course Support by our trainer.
  • One on one session with an individual to the professional.
  • Constant support and guidance throughout your training and career
  • Business development insight, advice and support.
  • Extensive range of high quality materials and resources such as fully comprehensive manuals, teaching videos, audio, presentations and other training tools.
  • Quality training and standards are maintained throughout all our program.
  • 24/7 online chat, call and email support.


To be the leading training provider of individual and corporate professional development services worldwide.


We provide excellent training and development which meets the needs of learners and companies, delivered by highly competent specialist staff.