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What Student Says?

I cleared my PMP Exam. Attached my certificate below for your reference. Thanks to Itech gurus. I would like to thank God first, then Manick and my husband who introduced PMP to me and my two small kids and finally my mom who took care of my kids for the last two days and on the exam day as well. Need to thank the prayers of my family especially my niece.

My score in PMP Exam:
I got Above target in Initiating, Target in planning, executing,monitoring and controlling, below target in closing.

Books referred:

  • PMBOK 6th edition 
  • Rita Mulcahy 9th edition
  • Itech gurus book

My experience:
Initially, I heard about this exam only through my husband who said that its a tough exam though it's a multiple choice pattern. I started to google about the exam training centres and found Itechgurus. I spoke with Prashanth. And post that I started to receive messages via watsapp about people who cleared PMP exam. I was very much surprised as lot of people cleared PMP via Itechgurus and I actually doubted them. But still I had no other go and finally made the payment. The training given by this team was good with real time examples. The watsapp group which he created was very active as he posted questions on a daily basis. And would also like to thank him for supporting me in filing the application.  I continued to study for few days while travelling to office by bus eventually I dropped it by losing interest. Suddenly heard the news that PMI is going to change the content and exam type. I felt that it's good for me to complete the certification by then. So I made up my mind, Prepared for a months and gave it a shot. Greatly I cleared my exam. 

Lessons learned:
1) Take at least two full time mock test to ensure time management as I didn't take one. I took only fifty questions mock that too using a paper print and not in the system and corrected it immediately to check why my answers were wrong. Almost I practiced 600-700 questions in this way. I completed the exam on time as I took much time for the first 50 questions then I had to be very fast for the rest. I didn't have any time to check the "marked for review" questions. 
2) Preparation should be regular i.e., on a daily basis. I know it's really tough as we need to manage family and work life along with this. Luckily, I was in my maternity leave though I had to take care of two kids. But still I prepared few minutes here and there (when they sleep during the night, early in the morning and during the noon time) 
3) Need not by heart anything but you should know how all the processes are interrelated with each other. Know the concepts and learn. The flowcharts of Manick sir for all the process groups helped a lot.
4) I was little tensed initially and was repeating the first few words of the questions without moving any further. Should not be nervous. Be relaxed.

Exam tips
1) This exam is to test your real time experience in project management. So all the questions were like "what would be the best thing to do as a project manager in a given situation ?" and " what is the tool and technique that a project manager should use in a given situation?" and "what is the document a manager should refer to in a given situation?" To answer these questions, one should know all the project documents and tools and techniques. 
2) You would be able to eliminate two choices but to eliminate the third one, concepts play an important role. So one should understand the concepts as to what process comes after what process.
3) Think that the project is going good unless it is stated otherwise in the questions.
4) Few minutes will be provided to read the exam instructions. Try to read the instructions fast and save sometime to write the dump. By doing this, you would not waste the exam time to write the dump.
5) Approximately 10-12 questions were mathematical related. However, questions were based only on PMBOK guide. I hope that we need not worry about the exercises related to contracts in Rita as I didn't get one from those.
6) Only very few wordy questions for me. However, I got almost 6 questions related to kick off meeting and thank God I asked about this topic in the group just a week before the exam and I was able to answer those questions only based on those discussion.
7) Read the chapter 15 given in Rita as it will help you make strong especially the tips portion.
8) Study the professional and social responsibilities chapter in full and try those exercises as our understanding might be different on those concepts and this would also help us in real life.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in getting this certification especially Manick Sir and all the best for people who are preparing for the exam.

Suruthi Rose M

SURUTHI ROSE Team Lead at Tata Consultancy Service

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