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Complete refund of the money paid will be made only if the candidate makes the cancellation request within 48 hours of purchasing a particular course. Past this time frame, any such cancellation request shall be considered on a case by case basis. A fee adjustment and refund will be considered based upon the merits of the case and if a course change is requested no later than seven days before the course commencement. Foe E-learning courses refund not applicable. If the candidates not able to attend the schedule as per their request. Itechgurus not refund the money. they have to wait for other schedules.

If Candidate attend the training session or mis-behavior regarding our organization or training with any participant in the classroom, candidate will not eligible to get the refund.

Other Terms and Conditions
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100% Exam Pass Guarantee or Money Back*
Hereby, Candidates have to attend the certification exam to the governing body within a 7 Calendar date of finishing the Training at first time with ITechGurus. If Candidates fail to appear for the exam in timeline refund not applicable.