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ITTO of Project Integration Management - How to remember it?

Jul 08, 2019 Blog

How to remember ITTOs of Project Integration management? ITTO is an short form Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs.

Do we need to memorize ITTOs for all the 49 project management processes included in PMBOK Guide 6th edition? I believe it’s a never ending debate, ever since the PMBOK Guide and PMP certification examination came into existence.

Should you memorize them all? Why not? If you can memorize ITTOs for all the 49 processes, please go ahead by all means. If you can memorize them all, it is NOT necessary for you to read the rest of this article. This article is written with an aim to help those candidates who cannot memorize all the ITTOs.

To be honest, there was a possibility to memorize ITTOs until PMBOK Guide Fourth Edition or even until PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition. I personally feel, PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition has certainly made it near impossible to memorize ITTOs. The sheer number of inputs, tools and techniques and outputs for each process would certainly be beyond normal humans’ capability to memorize them.

Is there a way out? How can I remember the ITTOs?

The only way out, in my opinion, is to understand what is happening in each process. Then, try to use logic, common sense and your project management experience to figure out what could be the appropriate ITTOs for a given process.

In this attempt, I found the approach of drawing the process flow of each knowledge area helps very much in understanding and remembering the Inputs and Outputs.

I have given the process flow for Project Integration Management below. I have included ONLY the major inputs and outputs, so that it is easier to understand rather than complicating it too much. Please note that it does NOT include ALL inputs and outputs. I have included only those inputs and outputs, which I felt as important.

Process Flow for Project Integration Management

My advice to you is to draw the above process flow diagram yourself. You might choose to include more inputs and outputs; or even some of the tools and techniques. It would help your mind to map the inputs, tools and techniques and outputs to the processes; and you would not forget it.

Tips to remember ITTOs in Project Integration Management

This may not be an exhaustive list. But, I am just giving you some of the tips which I think would be useful to you.

  1. Organizational Process Assets is an input to all the 7 processes of Project Integration Management.
  2. Expert Judgment is a Tool & Technique used in all the 7 processes of Project Integration Management.
  3. Enterprise Environmental Factors is an input to 6 processes of Project Integration Management (the only exception is Close Project or Phase process).
  4. Once Project Management Plan is developed in 4.2 Develop Project Management Plan process, it becomes an input to all the remaining 47 processes in this knowledge area. Only Develop Project Charter process does not involve project management plan, neither as an input nor as an output.
  5. Change requests is an output of 24 processes; but it is an input only to one process.
  6. Change requests can be an input only to Perform Integrated Change Control. It means, wherever a change request is generated, it will be sent to Perform Integrated Change Control process for further review.
  7. Approved change requests can be an output of only Perform Integrated Change Control process. None of the other 48 processes can have Approved change requests as an output. This is obvious because all change requests generated in the project have to be reviewed only through the Perform Integrated Change Control process. So, only this process can approve change requests.
  8. For all Monitoring & Controlling processes, change requests is an output; the only exception is Perform Integrated Change Control. In this process, change requests is an input and Approved change requests is an output.

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Author: Manickavel Arumugam (PMP®)


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