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Monitor and Control Project Work

Apr 16, 2019 Blog

Monitor and Control Project Work is the process of tracking, reviewing, and reporting the progress to meet the performance objectives defined in the project management plan.

The key benefit of this process is that it allows stakeholders to understand the current state of the project, the steps taken, and budget, schedule, and scope forecasts.

Monitoring includes collecting, measuring, and distributing performance information, and assessing measurements and trends to effect process improvements.

The Monitor and Control Project Work process is concerned with:

  • Comparing actual project performance against the project management plan;
  • Assessing performance to determine whether any corrective or preventive actions are indicated, and then recommending those actions as necessary;
  • Providing information to support status reporting, progress measurement, and forecasting;
  • Providing forecasts to update current cost and current schedule information;
  • Monitoring implementation of approved changes as they occur; and
  • Providing appropriate reporting on project progress and status to program management when the project is part of an overall program.

Perform Integrated Change control:

Perform Integrated Change Control is the process of reviewing all change requests; approving changes and managing changes to deliverables, organizational process assets, project documents, and the project management plan; and communicating their disposition.

The key benefit of this process is that it allows for documented changes within the project to be considered in an integrated fashion while reducing project risk, which often arises from changes made without consideration to the overall project objectives or plans.

Perform Integrated Change Control - Outputs:

Approved Change Requests

Change requests are processed according to the change control system by the project manager, CCB, or by an assigned team member. Approved change requests will be implemented through the Direct and Manage Project

Work process. The disposition of all change requests, approved or not, will be updated in the change log as part of updates to the project documents.

Change Log

A change log is used to document changes that occur during a project. These changes and their impact to the project in terms of time, cost, and risk, are communicated to the appropriate stakeholders. Rejected change requests are also captured in the change log.

Configuration control is focused on the specification of both the deliverables and the processes; while change control is focused on identifying, documenting, and approving or rejecting changes to the project documents, deliverables, or baselines.

Some of the configuration management activities included in the Perform Integrated Change Control process are as follows:

Configuration identification. Identification and selection of a configuration item to provide the basis for which the product configuration is defined and verified, products and documents are labeled, changes are managed, and accountability is maintained.

Configuration status accounting.  This information includes a listing of approved configuration identification, status of proposed changes to the configuration, and the implementation status of approved changes.

Configuration verification and audit. Configuration verification and configuration audits ensure the composition of a project’s configuration items is correct and that corresponding changes are registered, assessed, approved, tracked, and correctly implemented.

Management System and Subsystems

Project Management System - The aggregation of the processes, tools, techniques, methodologies, resources, and procedures used to manage a project.

Project Management Information System (PMIS) is any automated or manual information system or tool that store and integrates relevant project information throughout the project life cycle.

Configuration Management System...is a collection of formal documented procedures  related to functional and physical characteristics of a product, result, service, or component.

Some of the configuration management activities included in the Integrated Change Control process are configuration identification, configuration status accounting, and configuration verification and audit.

The Change Control System describes procedures for identifying, documenting, and controlling changes to the project plan and the project  and product baselines.

Close Project or Phase:

The activities  necessary for the administrative closure of the project or phase include

  • Actions and activities  necessary to satisfy completion of exit criteria for the phase or the project
  • Actions related to the completion of the contractual agreements applicable to the project or project phase
  • Actions and activities needed to transfer the project’s products/ services to the next phase or to production and / or operations
  • Measuring stakeholder satisfaction
  • Activities need to collect and archive documents

In the Close Project or Phase process, we deliver the final product, service, or result expected from the project or phase. This includes all the deliverables which were accepted during the Validate Scope process.

Final Report

Contains details on

  •  Summary level description of the project or phase
  • Criteria for evaluation of the scope, quality, schedule and cost objectives and the evidence that the completion criteria were met
  • Summary of how the project achieved the business needs and if not achieved indicate the degree to which they were achieved
  • Summary of any risks or issues encountered on the project and how they were addressed











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