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Project Integration Management

Apr 12, 2019 Blog

Overview of Integration Management

Integration management deals with initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling and closing the project. Integration management is the key responsibility of the project manager.

The following are the processes in Intregration management knowledge area.

 Srl. No.


  Process Group


 Develop Project Charter



 Develop Project Management Plan



 Direct and Manage Project Work



 Manage Project Knowledge



 Monitor and Control Project Work 

 Monitoring and Controlling


 Perform Integrated Change Control

 Monitoring and Controlling


 Close Project or Phase



Develop Project Charter

Project charter is prepared in this process. Project charter is the document which autorizes the project and gives authority to the Project manager. It is approved by the Project sponsor.

Assumption means considering something as true without any proof. Constraints are limitations to project. Few examples to constraints are Scope, Schedule, Cost, Resource, Risk, Quality. Assumptions are done in technical areas, estimation, schedule etc. The nellai seo assumption log is updated with assumptions and constraints thoughtout the project.

Main output: Project Charter, Assumption log

Develop Project Management Plan

Project management plan is prepared in the process. Outputs from other knowledge areas are integrated into a project management plan.

Main output: Project management plan

Direct and Manage Project Work

This process takes more money and time normally, since the project’s deliverable is created in this process. The data about the seoindiarank project performance is also collected in this process. The project work is carried out as per the project management plan to create the deliverables.

Main outputs: Deliverable, Work Performance data, Issue log

Manage Project Knowledge

This process deals with using existing knowledge and creating new knowledge to achieve the project objectives and contribute to organizational learning.

Knowledge management Vs Information management

Knowledge management involves tools and techniques that connect people so they can create knowledge , share knowledge and integrate knowledge of team members.   

Information management involves tools and techniques to create and connect people to information.  

Main output: Lessons Learnt Register


Monitor and Control Project Work

This process involves  tracking, reviewing, reporting project progress in meeting the project objectives as defined in the project management plan.

Main output: Work Performance reports


Perform Integrated Change Control

This process deals with reviewing all change requests, approving and managing changes to deliverables, project documents and the project management plan and communicating the decisions to the stakeholders.

Configuration control – focused on specification of both the deliverables and the processes.

Change control – identifying, documenting, approving or rejecting changes to the project documents, baselines or deliverables.

The CCB (Change Control Board) which comprises members of the project team and the client reviews the change requests and make decisions such as approve or reject or defer. 

Main output: Approved Change requests, Change log


Close Project or Phase

This process deals with closing of the project or the project phase.

In this process the project or phase information is archived, planned work completed and project resources are released. 

Main output: Final product, service or result transition



Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Version 6

PMP Certification Training: https://www.itechgurus.org/pmp-project-management-professional-certification-training/









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