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Hi Prasanth,  I Cleared my PMP. Thank you for your support.

By Noor Mohammed

Project Manager HVAC @ Almuftah Contracting Company

Hi All, I have passed my PMP exam today. @itechgurus, Chandramouli Sir - thank you so much for your guidance. Majority of the questions were senario based and none of the questions required diagrams or calculations. I took the exam from PearsonVUE center. All the best for everyone who are going to take the exam.

By Geetha Marisamy

Team Lead @ Straive

Pass my PMP exam. Thankyou for your support Mr. Prasanth.

By Nitin Khandbhor

Deputy Manager - Purchase @ Mahindra & Mahindra

Hi All, I have passed PMP exam yesterday. 
@Mouli, thanks a ton for your guidance.. @Fellow student, the exam was taken from home very smoothly and there was none of the questions which required diagrams or drawings. May be a different set might have very nominal scriptings or drawings requirements but I am sure you can manage with the white board provided by OnVenue apps. You can definitely opt for giving the exam from home if you have a good uninterrupted net connection and a silent place! All the best!

By Palas Baral

Senior Project Manager @ Synamedia India Pvt Ltd

Cleared my PMP Exam. Thanks for all your support 

This is a well organised training firm, with good range of study materials and experienced tutors. Although i have less experience to project management, i could still pass the exam in first attempt.

By Mathew Varghese

Manager @ Accenture

Hi Prasanth, Cleared my PMP Exam. Below Target in Business environment.. 😭😭. One mistake I did was not taking our mock exams completely. Our mock exams in LMS is a wonderful tool and people who takes that will definitely get above target in the PMP examination.. I will write my lessons learned in the review shortly. Thanks to you and vasu for the tremendous support and continues push. πŸ™πŸ™

By Ramesh Kumar M

Senior Manager @ Pride Technologies Consulting (I) Pvt Ltd

I am PMP Certified!

Thanks to iTechgurus for the wonderful coaching and mentoring. I attended weekend classes for PMP at Itechgurus with guidance of Mr. Prasanth. The pedagogy being followed to impart the knowledge was very good. Especially, I would highlight the post course support and motivation that is being offered to ensure that we complete the certification. They have prepared extensive materials for each and every topic in the PMP course material and the mock tests are top notch. Thanks to all the mentors and the support staff who are motivated to help PMP candidates to achieve their goal!

By Deepika Swami

Associate Consultant @ TCS

Hi Prasanth, Cleared My PMP and received the certificate. PFA.

Thanks for your training and guidance.

By Sharun Raj Vasu

General Manager-Operations @ eCosmos India Pvt Ltd

Hi Prasanth Sir, Good morning. I have received my PMP certificate . FYI pls. Thanks a lot for your guidance & support.

By Bappa Bhowmick

Specialist-QIP @ Vestas Wind Technology

Finally... PMP® Certified!!! Thanks ITechgurus. No words! It's a wonderful feeling! My dear Professional Family, getting ready for a step toward our goal takes more time and pain. We can still reach! Very Proud to announce this to you all!!! β€οΈπŸ’–πŸ₯³πŸ«

By Leela Krishna

Media Design Specialist @ GP Strategies Corporation

Success my PMP. Heartily thanks to Mr. Vasu, Mr. Mouli, Mr. Manoj and Mr. Prashanth for providing the guidance which clear all the processes, ITTOs and make it easier to solve more and more practice questions and hence build confidence to sit in final PMP exam. Thanks once again.
Steps which I followed while preparing PMP exam:
1) Recoded videos provided that taught in online classes.
2) Studied PMBOK guide and
3) Practice mock tests( Firstly chapter wise and then as whole).

By Gayathri Priyanka Donepudi

Project Manager at Accenture

My PMP preparation started with ITech Gurus PMP training sessions.
After the classes, I revised the entire Daywise slide material provided by ITech Gurus. This is v useful as the slides have the entire syllabus in a precise way.
I completed all the required mock exams by ITech Gurus.
Completed the PMI mock exam. Read RMC exam prep and completed all the chapter tests.
Now I have cleared my PMP.
Thanks Manick and Prashant sir for the support and guidance. The PMP training sessions by Manick sir and ITech Gurus training and learning materials are the best inputs for any PMP aspirant. Thanks once again

By J.Sumathi

Expert-QS @ Fujita Engineering India

I am happy to share that I have earned PMP Certification recently from Project Management Institute (PMI) with AT in all 3 domains (People, Process, & Business Environment).
I would like to thank ITechgurus for the course through which I got required training hours to be eligible for certification.

A Big Thank You to Mr. Prasanth and Mentor Mr. Manickavel for the very well organized coaching. :)
Also I would like to thank my family for all the support.

By Atish J

Project Manager / Scrum Master @ UST Global

Dear Mr. Prasanth and Vasu, Pass my exam thx for your assistance.

By Mukesh Mohan

Project Officer @ Government, DRDO

Hi, I cleared PMP yesterday. Finally  achievedπŸ˜„ Thanks for your support.

By Ramachandra Prabhu Sinari

Senior Project Engineer @ Syngenta India Pvt Ltd

Finally, completed PMP exam in Yesterday and got certified today. Thank you, Itechgurus, Mr. Chandramouli sir, for all the training, coaching, inspiring and Prashanth sir for facilitating and motivating at all times.

I will Strongly recommend to all who is preparing the PMP exam, Please go to  test center for PMP exam.
1. All the question and choose answer is completely scenario based.
2. Refer PMP content outline and clear all the concept, First keep in mind as PM, don’t take action and do analysis, Review plan, find out root cause analysis and how much impact on your current project.
3. Less Traditional , More Agile and Hybrid approaches are all tested.
4. I always stuck in two good option and then I used which one is more better option and I select the best option.
5. When I booked the exam and then I realized only one week left and I feel lot of nervousness.
6. Take the 10 mins breaks each after 60 and 120 questions respectively. Eat some chocolate, use washroom and relax.
7. Flag answers for review if you have doubt between 2 options.
8. Time is limited and Don't waste more than 60-80 secs on a single question.



By Shrichand Ghanshyam Bathv

Project Manager @ Alahzam Company

Completed my PMP certification today. Many THANKS to Mr. Prasanth & Dr. Chandramouli sirπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


No Calculation based questions.. All 180 questions are scenario based. I haven't used my pen at all. Most of the questions are lengthy, unfortunately i did not track the time for the first section of 60 questions. I was tightly running in schedule so i did not take my first 10 mins break to compensate the lag. with 90 questions left i had exactly 90 mins to spare. So i ensure i do not make mistake to reading the questions two to three times (which i did in the first 60 questions sections, bcoz i wanted to ensure that i understood the scenario correctly) so i started to start reading the questions consciously at the same time i do not over spend time. The questions from Agile are primarily from Iterative and Incremental approach and kanban. No questions on DSDM, XP, Crystal, LEan, Safe. When it comes to scenario based, Most of the answers will be right for the given scenario., but its a question of what comes first for that scenario. So it was bit challenging bcoz, you will feel that all the answers are right so u have to choose very carefully on what u will do first for the given situation, which was bit challenging as we cannot strike out the other options very easily. Finally i took my third break with 60 questions and with 60 mins to spare. Thankufully the third section was quite easy compared to the other two sections. I finished my exam with 2 mins to spare. I did not have anytime to review my questions. Also i did not flag any questions for reviewing later, as i know for that fact that i will not have time for that, as i am running in a tight schedule. It was a thrilling experience as my heart was pouncing to see the result, bcoz i couldn't confidently say that i would make it.. bcoz all are scenario based and you need to apply ur knowledge on what best u will do in that situation. So i have answered with best of my ability, rest i left to god. Thankfully i cleared with Above target on all three areas domain. :)

By Maharaja M

Sr.Program Manager @ ICF

Cleared my PMP Exam!

At a very high level, "You can't make a PMP Prep this easy". Thanks Mr.Vasu Rao for making it this simple. Would highly recommend this course, not only for PMP aspirants , but also for others interested in what a project management is all about. Vasu Rao, has been very friendly and it made things easy for the students to ask questions without any hesitation. He made sure the classes are more interactive, than a one man show. Thanks to Mr. Vasu Rao, Mr. Prasanth & Mr. Manickavel

By Rashid Kani

Project Manager @ Wipro

Thanks for your support. Really classes are very good and it's more useful to clear my PMP. Thanks to iTechgurus Mr. Prasanth, Mr. Manick and Mr. Vasu Rao.

By Uthirapathy Chandran

Global Tower Lead @ Tata Consultancy Services

Hello Prashant, Cleared my PMP today. The practice exam which you have is very very good. .. Thanks for all the support provided during preparations. The videos, coaching, materials and sample exams are really good to crack the exam.

By Raghav Sundararajan

Technology Analyst @ Airbus Group India
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