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Dear Sir, I have cleared my PMP exam today with above target.


By Ajith SV

Project Manager @ Dadabhai Construction

I am thankful to ITechGurus for providing consistent support and guidelines to me . Manick sir is excellent during the class who clears even small doubts of all students.
Sample test provided by ITechgurus are helpful for clearing the exam .
The course and teaching methods developed by ITechgurus are excellent.

Today I got clear PMP. Looking forward good Cooperation from your good office. Thank you very much for your support and cooperation.


By Chandrashekhar Bagesar

Program Manager @ SoftTech Engineer Ltd

Today I Completed my PMP Certification. Thanks for your support Prasanth



By Tamilarasan R

Deputy Project Manager at Sify Technolgies Limited

Hi Prasanth, Cleared my PMP Exam today. Thank you


By Santosh Kumar Rathod

Manager at Capgemini Consulting

Hi Sir I cleared my PMP exam today, thank you and Mouli sir for your guidance.


By Sridevi Emayavaramban

Management Consultant at Accenture

Had a great experience with wonderful professionals. Thank you ITechGurus Dr.Chandrmouli for all ur guidance.. Those 40 hours of training and knowledge sharing definitely made a great difference to my learning phase.. Now a Certified PMP professional!


By Martina Eugene

Sr. Director at Teleperformance India

Hi All Happy to announce my completion of Exam successfully. Thank you Prasanth and Dr. Mouli


By Sitarama Saikishore Sattiraju

Consultant Specialist @ HSBC GLT

Hi Prasanth,Good Evening
I have cleared my pmp exam today. A big thank you to ITechGurus for helping me to clear my PMP exam in the first attempt. They have such an organised and well structured training program. Starting from the enquiry process till clearing the exam we can reach out to them for any sort of guidance and help. Special thanks to Mouli Sir for the way he taking the sessions where the preference was given to rendering the the concepts clear and precise .
Thanks for all the help and guidance throughout the course and thereafter.


By Sachin Avuthiyante


Good Morning Karthick - Cleared PMP Exam yesterday. Thanks for all your guidance...


By Praveen Kumar

Senior Manager - Program Management @ Rane TRW Steering Systems Pvt Limited

Hello Prasanth, I Cleared PMP exam. Thanks for your support.


By Abdul Hafis Punathil , PMP®

Program Management | SAP Project Manager | SAP Implementation|SAP S4 HANA Finance @ EY

The training sessions conducted by ITechGurus were really really helpful in cracking the PMP exam.
Also, the Online course and the mock tests by Itech gurus Chandramouli were very informative.
A must go with team for these professional certifications!!
Thanks again!


By Neha Garg

Senior Estimator @ Honeywell

Good training and materials provided where very useful to recap before the test. It’s always recommended to go through the training and recorded videos once gain to get more deeper understanding.

The new format I did not get a single mathematical questions or any need to use calculator. Almost 50% of the questions were on servant leader. No ITTO questions, everything is situation and what would PM do.


By Raghavendra K N

Learning & Development Lead @ Global NTT

Dear All,
I am pleased to inform you that I passed my PMP exam today (30th June 2021) with AT/AT/AT Scores on my first attempt. Thanks to Mr Chandramouli and Mr Prashanth for making this possible.
Please find below the strategy I followed to prepare for the PMP exam.
• After completing my 35 Hours training course at ITECHGURUS, I took a week break.

• After a week break, I started going through PMBOK 6th edition simultaneously RITA for each knowledge area after running through the particular knowledge area training audio (provided by ITECHGURUS) and noting the critical points.

• Once I completed each chapter above, I solved the questions (100 Questions each chapter)

• I took almost three days per chapter for 3 - 4 hours of studying per day (I skipped somedays for essential works and family commitments)

• After completing all the chapters, I have started going through the Agile Practice guide after running through the Agile training audio (provided by ITECHGURU) and noting the critical points.

• Once I completed the Agile practice guide above, I solved the 100 Agile questions privided by Mr Chandramouli.

• Then, I started attempting to solve domain-based (People, Process and Business environment) questions.

• It took almost one and half months for me to complete the above

• Once I am confident in the above, I started attending my first mockup exam (180 Questions) in ITECHGURU's web portal. It took almost 5 hours to complete the first mockup attempt. Only 120 answers are correct. Then, I started reviewing the mistakes and made a second mockup attempt. Almost 175 answers are correct.

• Then I started attempting mockup exams from other sources, including Udemy courses and Prepcast. Almost I have tried ten complete mockup exams from various sources with different difficulties levels for nearly 15 days.

• I scored an average of 70% correct answers on the above ten mockup exams (Almost the first five mockup exams, I struggled to complete 180 questions in 230 minutes)

• Finally, I have decided to schedule the main PMP exam. There was no slot available on the expected date. Finally, I got the slot only on 30th June 2021.

Below is my main PMP exam Experience:
Questions are scenario-based and mostly with Agile/Hybrid.

Questions are within the given scenario,
How could PM prevent the problem?
What should be the PM approach towards resolving the problem?
What PM to do first?

No need to memorize ITTO. Understand them. I got the only couple of indirect ITTO questions.

No need to memorize the formulas too, instead understand them. I got a couple of indirect EVM questions.

Elangovan K P


By Elangovan K P

Senior Electrical Engineer | Construction Management @ QPM - Qatar Project Management

Cleared PMP today. It was great experience to have coaching from iTECHGURU & Mr. Maouli Sir.
They are the foundation to achieve the success of PMP certification for every candidate , & without having strong foundation it wont be easy & possible to reach this goal.

Once again thank you so much to each & every team member of iTechGurus , & All my colleagues from PMP training class batch 22nd March 2021- :)


By Tushar A. Karande

Project Manager - ATOS

Hi Prasanth,

I cleared my PMP on 1st June. Sharing my lesson learnt and approach for final exam -  

  1. Read PMBOK and Rita 
  2. I completed Q&A and received a score of 85 % and above across all knowledge areas.
  3. I attempted 5 ITECHGURUS LMS Mock questions. In a 60-minute time limit, I attempted 100 questions. I made certain that I got at least a 80% and above in all mock.
  4. Read Agile book twice and attempted 200 questions. 
  5. Exam day, I just browsed the PPT’s and rested well before the exam. 
  6. Took 2 breaks in the exam
  7. Time management is crucial and I had planned accordingly. I completed last 60 question in 60 mins and had 25 mins left which i used to review those questions again
  8. Most of the question was from Hybrid, Knowledge transfer, Scrum, Kanban, Resource management, impediment and blocker, governance, project initiation, agile training. Eg. If an organization is resisting to move to agile what the PM should do? and similar questions and fill in the blanks. No mathematical questions.
  9. Followed Dr. Mouli's method for everything

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Mouli sir for his extensive coaching, knowledge sharing, and for pointing us in the proper direction for passing PMP and excelling with ease.

Thank you.


By Chandrasekar Thiagarajan

Manager at PwC

I Passed!! Appreciate the support! Thanks Prasanth


By Abbas Ussanar

Facility Manager @ Embassy Services Pvt Ltd

Dear All I cleared my PMP exam, Thank you itechgurus


By Rajesh Kumar

Project Management Specialist at Accenture

Hi I cleared my PMP exam, Thank you Prasanth & itechgurus


By Harish Kumar R

Manager-Projects @ Cognizant

Thanks a lot ITechgurus. One of the best virtual classes I have ever attended. Was highly interactive, informative and grabbed my attention from beginning to the end. Thanks lot and Would definitely recommend for Project Management PMP.


By Thinesh Kumar Srinivasan

Senior Engineer at TechMahindra

I have successfully cleared my PMP Certification 🙏 Thanks to itechgurus for training and materials


By Priyanka Aswin

Technical Consultant at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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