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Today I have nailed PMP.
Thanks for your guidance Mr. Prasanth and help Mr. Manick and Vasu.


By Debojyoti Ghosh, BE(CE),CEng (India), PMP®

Lead Costing Engineer at Larsen & Toubro

Hi Prasanth & Team, 


I have cleared the PMP certification on 18th May.  - Special Thanks to itechgurus for your sessions, guidance, and following your recommendation. 

Please find my input to our team:

  1. I read chapter wise, first PMBOK, second same chapter in RITA, and answered RITA Q&A.
  2. I went through recorded session after completing each knowledge area as per study plan. Tips and tricks were helpful which given by trainer.
  3. After PMBOK and Rita chapter study, I did Udemy Q&A. Referred definitions and Index from PMBOK to bridge the gap.
  4. I felt PMBOK provides general understanding and Rita provide insights, both should be read at least once (I read PMBOK twice & Rita Once)
  5. Exam day not opened PMBOK/Rita and not even notes.
  6. During the exam, no break, no distraction. 178 questions were answered out of 180. Major part of questions from agile. No questions on tools and technique and no calculation task.
  7. During exam, after reading question, I followed the principle seeing the options by D, C, B, A. Most of the times I felt 2 options easy to strike as wrong, from remaining 2 option to choose, few times I am confident to choose correct answer immediately 

-Daily 1 to 2 hours I spent from April, I took a bit longer than suggested, but cleared the exam on the 1st time itself.

- You all can clear it easily with some revision, Best wishes to all

Once again, a big thanks to Mr. Prasanth for your guidance, coordination and support.

Best Regards



By Suresh Thulasiraman

Domain Leader - CoB CBS @ Alstom Transport

Hi Prasanth, I Cleared my PMP today. Thank you Mr. Prasanth, Mr. Vasu Rao and ITechGurus. FYI


By Shivakumar Sudarshan

Sr. Program / Project Manager at Wipro

Hello All , Finally I passed my pmp , thanks to itechgurus Mr. Prasanth


By Srinivasa Varma Mandhapati

Technical Manager at IHS Markit

Hi all, I passed my PMP exam today. Thank you Prashanth and trainer for making this possible!! 😊 I don't have much to share.

I read the PMBOK guide whenever I can and reviewed the answers in the PDF which Prashanth shared. Also took the UDEMY Q & A from Chandra Sir's course. Didn't take too much practice exams. Just kept simple and straight-Prepare! 😊


By Kumaraguru Anbu

Lead Programmer Analyst at Covance India Pharamaceutical Services

I would like to thank ITECHGURUS. Topics explanations were in detail , it's not like PPT reading and explain slide by slide. Trainer was thorough in the subject and each knowledge area session was planned properly so that there is link between the various topics for each day and taking questions after each topic was more helpful as one can easily apply what is learned. Practice questions were helpful where scenario was give and then you have to answer, this created exact exam simulation environment and helped as confidence booster. one does not need to read PMBOK6 to pass the exam, understanding based teaching by good instructor is sufficient and it should be coupled with good practice questions ( study 2,3 times for sure shot results).




Happy to notify that I got PMP certified. Million thanks for guidance.


By Mohan Reddy

Team Leader at Tech Mahindra

Dear Prasanth Sir, Good Day. I have passed PMP exam today.Thanks for your great support.

Thanks to Mr. Vasu, Mr.Chandramouli and Mr. Ram for great professional coaching for PMP exam also good Support received from ITech Gurus team. I passed my PMP exam on April 28,2021. Mostly Agile scenario questions. I have taken 229 minutes to finish out of 230 minutes.
Best Regards,
Mohammed Abdul Jappar.


By Mohammed Abdul Jappar

Deputy Manager Procurement in Doosan Power Systems India Private Limited

Cleared PMP Exam today, Thanks Prasanth and Mouli Sir. Will Share the Lesson learned Information later today.


By Anupama Kala

Senior Manager @ Amazon

Hu guys...

Just cleared my PMP exam...🙏thanks to Vasu Rao sir for proper guidance & training 

🙏thanks to Prashant for support. 


Please find my experience/inputs

1. I gone through a Training session last year but could not found proper way to cover all the concepts

2. Luckily I came to know about Mr. Chandramouli sir and gone through his training it has changed my approach/view towards PMBoK

3. I have gone through PMBoK twice by following Chandramouli Sir’s training

4. I have not attempted Mock Tests & not gone through Rita

5. I have utilizes the PMP Preparation material provided in “Library” tab.

6. Most of the questions are scenario based (same scenarios repeated for 2 to 3 questions)

7. 4 to 5 questions on matching the concepts

8. 60% questions on Agile and Hybrid methodologies

9. I spent 2 to 3 hours daily for 1 month

I once again thank Mr. Chandramouli Sir for his training and Mr. Prashant for his support throughout the sessions.

 - Madhusudan Reddy


By Madhusudan Reddy

Asst Project Manager at Rec Power Distribution Company Limited (Recpdcl)

I passed the PMP exam today with Above target on all domains

Special thanks to Vasu Rao & Mouli sir who trained in learning the concepts n understanding it

And special thanks to Prasanth sir for constant support.

1. Grid wise preparation - 4 grids based on my weak spots and more importance to people domain n agile

2. knowledge area wise
1st pmbok , Rita , Rita qns bank, udemy chapter test and then move to next knowledge area

3. Then took classmaker 4 model exams and scored 80%

4. One major risk which I took didn't give LMS final exam and booked the PMP exam which made me very under confident when I was giving today the exam. Plz do not take this risk anyday.🙏

4. Then booked exam with 5 days gap n prepared n gave it today

About exam

Totally different. Almost 100% all scenario based only, not even one calculation problem came. No direct definition given n asked wht is this process and all. 
Actually I under estimated this exam n after giving model exam n this particular PMP is totally different n situation based only for me today

Most of qns I feel came from people domain n agile mostly. 

So when direct and were not asked I was little under confident whether I would pass this exam comfortably but I cleared with Above target bcoz of understanding concept and situation I think

One more thing I made mistake I feel is
Time management
Very very important

I took 90 to 100 mins for first 60 qns and rushed with next 120 qns madly without taking a single break. So too much of tension till last whether I ll pass or not

But God helped n passed with high scoring I suppose



By Srinivas CS

Deputy Manager - PMO at Reliance Jio Infocomm limited

Hi Prasanth & Friends, happy to tell you I just cleared PMP!! 

Please find some of my feedback and observations:
- Chandramouli sir's class was very practical
- His teaching and examples out of experience set clarity of many concepts
- Exam pattern of 180 questions with two 10 min breaks is better one
- Most of questions on Agile
- Many questions have two likely correct answers, hence read questions thoroughly
- Only 3 questions on formula (CPI/SPI), even that I haven't memorised the formula but approached in a practical way said by Mr. Vasu sir
- Upto 10 questions to match the following
- Resources provided during training and e-learning is suffice to clear exam
- Some questions are repeating with different sentence/scenario, hence be attentive always
- 230 mins for 180 questions is adequate timing for exam



By Viswanath Nagarajan

Project Manager @ Cognizant

 I cleared my PMP Exam- Special Thanks to Mr.Chandramouli for your sessions and guidance exactly followed your advise. 

Please find my Input To our team:
1) I Went through Mr.Chandramouli’s Recorded Sessions (I was only present 2 live sessions due to my work)
2) Tips and tricks (biggest take away) by Mr.Chandramouli
3) I read 1 chapter PMBOK and immediately same in  RITA plus answered RITA Q&A
4) Refresh The same chapter next day then, took Udemy Mock test (very useful) for the same chapter (next day) 
5) I felt Rita better than PMBOK (user friendly)
6) Exam day no revision just took it with 1 break after 120 questions 
7) Important trick: I read the objectives always in mock up similar to Mr. Chandramouli’s advise 
After reading question I see the options by D, C,B,A - few times I felt 2 options easy to say wrong I get only remaining 2 to choose , few times I am confident of correct answer immediately 
-Daily 4 hours I spent for 2 weeks since, I felt if I had known this class last year I would have cleared at 1st time itself.
- You all can clear it with ease just some revision plus confidence 👍🏻
Best wishes to all

Once again A big Thanks 🙏 to Mr.Chandramouli @Chandramouli Trainer for his guidance and support. 
You are giving a great training to the people who are interested to clear PMP. Great job to ITECH GURUS for the coordination 👏 splly to Mr. Prashanth


By Kaleeswaran Ponmudi

Finance Manager @ Parsons Corporation

Team cleared PMP today with above target. Special thanks to Chandramouli sir and Prashant sir🙏🏻✌🏻🥳

Team let me tell you, there was no single numerical question based on formulae and flow diagrams...all 100% situational based. 5 questions on match the pairs.

Also, I read pmbok only single time....just refered the Recordings and attempted all questions...till morning today I was watching the summaries provided after each module. I can say dont do anything else apart udemy is covering everything and helps build confidence quickly.

On last day just watch summaries...thats enough to clear...dont get panic at all.



By Vivek Kumar Yadav

PMO Consultant in ZS Associates

Happy to share my result with you. Thankyou Prasanth, Vasu rao and techgurus for your support.


By CN Padmanabhan

Service Delivery Manager @ DXC Technology

Hi Team, I have cleared the PMP certification on 3rd April.  Thank You Chandramouli Sir and Prasanth for the guidance for earning the PMP certification. The PMP exam had questions mostly related to Agile methodology. The situational questions were easy to interpret when you apply PMIsm. Mathematical questions were easy to solve. Please do follow Chandramouli Sir's exam study pattern + PMBoK + Rita + PMP pratice test. And lastly do practice with mock tests, as time management is most important as time flies during exam.

Thanks a lot Chandramouli Sir and ITechGurus for the support and guidance.

Ashish Dholi



By Ashish Dholi

Project Manager at Cognizant Technology Solutons

Thanks to itechgurus and mouli sir...guidance and study material. Everyone should read pmbok, Rita. Follow study pattern what mouli Sir explained. Get good understanding of agile..which help to clear the exam. Easy to answer questions. For predictive all questions are situational base. Related to project manager. Mathematical questions are only 3 to 4% that to very easy. No calculator required. Give atleast 5 full mock test. To get habitual for 4hrs exam and reading of questions.


By Amar khanvilkar

GM Design and Engineering @ Reliance Industries

Dear All, I have cleared my PMP exam, Thanks to you Mr. Vasu Rao sir, with your support and advise only I cleared the exam. 

  • No maths questions at all, most of them are Agile, scrum ... after that stakeholder management and risk.
  • found couple of question like, if the experienced person leaving the firm / project  then what need do , any team member not interested in project , team members not aware  of penalty if any schedule has  been missed etc.


By Ravi Kumar Samudram

Associate at Goldman Sachs Inc

I successfully cleared the PMP exam and all because of the instructor lead training class of ITECHGURUS. The training cleared my concepts of Project Management. The trainers are really good and experienced. They pay much attention to help you understand each concept much in detail.
Thank you again.


By Venkatesan Ganesan

Shift Leader at Vanderlande Industries

I gave PMP exam today.and cleared 🙂 Thank to our trainer Mr. Vasu Rao for great guidance.

  1. PMP Exam is very tough, most of the questions from Agile
  2. 5 Mapping questions
  3. No mathematical questions and fill in the blanks questions.

Thanks prasanth and itechgurus.


By Krishna preethi vijayarengan

Lead Analyst @ CGI
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